Friday, April 25, 2008

CowShlt Inc Sent into Frenzy over Disappearance of Nasi Lemak

The entire CowShlt Inc was sent into a frenzy when its F&B Manager, Mr Nas Sigoreng, lost 20 packets of nasi lemak meant for staff consumption.

"I really don't know what happened," sighed Mr Sigoreng. "It was just a normal day which i went out to tabao nasi lemak for my staffs. While coming back, i suddenly need to use the toilet. So i left the nasi lemak alone on the table but when i return, it was all gone!"

The floor was abuzz with speculations whether it was an internal job.

"I heard from a colleague who heard from another colleague that the nasi lemak has actually all gone chao sng," said Mr Gor Seep Ping. "Mr Sigoreng actually secretly threw away all the nasi lemak and report them as missing so that he can still claim the petty cash. Otherwise, he will have to fork out all the money himself for the nasi lemak, plus the doctor fees!"

While speculations are hot and fierce among the ground staffs, the upper management is still divided on whether Mr Sigoreng should resign as an act of responsibility.

"Do you know how much rice cost nowadays?" questioned Ms Kao Mum Nee, Finance Manager of CowShlt Inc. "To lose this amount of rice is equivalent to losing your job. Though i like him very much, i still think that Nas must go!"

"We shouldn't punish Nas for one single mistake," explained Mr Hum Sup Low. "We must recognise Nas's merits in providing us with so many years of good food. Till date, his kway png is still the best! I can still remember him bringing me to Geylang in search of the freshest chick. And i must say that the China kways that he recommended are really young and tender......"

"I believe in giving Nas a second chance," proclaimed Mr Gu Sai, CEO of CowShlt Inc. "Nas has contributed much towards the company and i cannot afford to lose any of my manager. At least, not until my deputy Ms Enxiii decides to come back from her long leave. And if you would excuse me, i like to go to the toilet now. Will you be kind enough to hold on to this packet of nasi lemak for me? Huh? No lah! How can history repeat itself when i had already sawn off the handle of the spoon inside?"

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