Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CowShlt Inc Employee Sent to Hospital after Fainting in Lift

A staff of Singapore's most premire company, CowShlt Inc, was sent to hospital after fainting in the office lift. According to sources, Ms Waheen Leow has complained of breathing difficulties before she passed out. As the symptoms are largely alike, the Police Force has linked their investigation together with the unknown gas case take took place in Golden Landmark Shopping Complex.

The police has rounded up their suspects to the 4 person who were inside the lift with Ms Leow when she fainted.

"Damn suay to be considered as a suspect!" groaned Mr Mah Reh Thon, a colleague of Ms Leow. "To train myself for the upcoming Olympics, i actually ran from my home in Jurong to here in Changi. And the police still has to detain me for questioning. Look! I didn't even have the time to bathe yet!"

"Yaloh!" agreed the 2nd suspect who only identified himself with the initial L.S. "It is truly a bad day for me. The curry i took last night was already taking its toll on me. I was actually praying for the lift to quickly bring me up to my office so i can use the toilet. In fact, i was holding back myself so much just now in the lift until i let some gas out. Luckily it was the silent type which no one else notice. And if you will excuse me, i like to visit the toilet again now."

The 3rd suspect is a delivery boy from a nearby eatery. "Early in the morning have to meet with such thing..... Now that the food has turned stale, i have to exchange for a fresh one again!" When questioned on what food he was delivering at that point of time, the boy delightfully replied, "台湾臭豆腐 loh! You want some? I sell these to you cheap cheap!"

The 4th suspect, another colleague of Ms Leow, claimed total innocence. "How can the police suspect me when i was the last to enter the lift?" exclaimed Mr Kou Chou. "I had a great start for the day enjoying my all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast at the Garlic Restaurant. I tell you, their grilled garlic is so wonderful that i actually ate 20 of them in a row! In anyway, when i entered the lift, Ms Leow was already swaying back and forth. Being the concerned colleague, i simply got face-to-face with her and asked her if she is doing fine. Who will expect her to faint at that very moment?"

The police declined interview as the case is currently under investigation.

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