Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is......

Christmas is just round the corner. You can in fact sees its shadow behind the wall, holding its baseball bat, ready to pounce on anyone who comes next. Christmas is all about giving and sharing. Gone are the cheesy wishes for "world peace". And thus, Cow Peh decided to share with all Cowlings, his wishlist for Christmas 2008.....

Cow Peh's Top 5 Wishlist for Christmas 2008

1. Bell

Which domesticated Cow want to be spotted without ding-dong Bell? Sometimes Cow Peh can get lost in life too. And the chime of crystal clear Bell certainly does best in waking up his sleepy soul.

2. Cammyra (Editor's Note: Are you sure it is not spelt as camera?)

Time stops for no one. Youth passes and beauty fades. The only way to capture and preserve Cow Peh's failing memory is in the form of picture, motion or still. What else is better in keeping Cow Peh's fondest moments than Cammyra?

3. Casper

Christmas is never complete without the story of the ghost and the holy Cow. Cow Peh is a restless Cow who sometimes fly too high for a safe landing. And who does a better job than Casper the friendly ghost in bringing Cow Peh down to earth, and sometimes even under the earth?

4. Charmed (Editor's Note: The noun should be charm, not charmed lah!)

Readership of CowShlt Newsletter had dwindled considerably. To save his grace, Cow Peh desperately need Charmed to pull in more readers. Charmed that mesmerized Cow Peh so much upon setting his first sight. If Charmed can work so effectively on the mighty Cow Peh, there is no escape for other mortal Cows.

5. Enxiiison Sales (Editor Note: Now, i'm pretty sure it's spelt as End Season...)

Being lavished with so many gifts from his fans, Cow Peh must also reciprocate by giving. But having his leather pocket tight as usual, Enxiiison Sales is a god-send. Somehow, Cow Peh has already developed a strong dependancy on Enxiiison Sales. Whenever he gets into a tight corner, he knows he can always count on Enxiiison Sales to bail him out.


Like any good album, there's always a bonus track. Cow Peh wishlist also has a plus item too!

6. Yacuzzy (Editor's Note: Get a dictionary, Cow Peh, it's jacuzzi....)

Ever so attractive, ever so enchanting. What can beat the stress away better than indulging in the warmth of Yacuzzy? The bubbly nature of Yacuzzy will relax every inch of Cow Peh's tensed muscle. Even a short encounter with Yacuzzy is enough for Cow Peh to develop an addiction. For times without Yacuzzy, get ready for withdrawal symptoms!

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