Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singapore Police Received Several Wrong Tip-off for Whereabout of Mas Selamat

After the escape of Singapore's most wanted man, the Police force has been receiving a steady stream of tip-off from the public who claimed to have spotted the sightings of Mas Selamat.

The first tip-off from Mr Sah Boh Kin led the police to SJI, or St Joseph Institute, at Whitley Road which is just a stone throw away from the ISA detention barrack. The police, acting on Mr Sah's tip-off, found the principal of SJI instead.

"I heard from the radio that the leader of a something JI escape from Whitley Road mah!" explains Mr Soh. "So i immediately thought that the principal of SJI has ran away from the school loh! Who knows that the police is actually looking for another JI leader... I tell you hor, it's all the government's fault for having so many acronyms so similar. I'm only doing my best to help!"

The second tip-off actually brought the Police force all the way to England. According to Mr Yee Pee Ell, a 'familiar face' was seen limping like how Mas Selamat does.

The police officer, while sipping English Breakfast Tea along Thames River, has confirmed that the suspect is not Mas Selamat, but Eduardo da Silva from Arsenal Football Club.

The third tip-off has the Police force searching for Mas Selamat at Changi Village, believing he is making a sea route escape after a call from Mr Chow Hee Lang. The search has proven to be futile, too.

"What? Not possible lah! How can the Police not find it?" questions Mr Chow. "You go ask anybody at Changi Village, everyone can also point you to the right direction lah, so famous there! Do i know who the Police is searching for? Of course i know lah! Huh?? Who is Mas Selamat? I never heard of him."

When questioned on why he tipped-off the Police force on the Changi Village location then, Mr Chow answered, "i heard from the radio that the police is searching for nasi lemak mah!"

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