Thursday, March 13, 2008

What if the Heavy Downpour Results in State-of-Emergency?

The recent downpour does not seem to be ending soon. If the heavy downpour results in a state-of-emergency and safety shelters have to be built, are Singaporeans prepared?

CowShlt Inc speculates what could be heard during the time of emergency.

1. How come the government didn’t arrange the flood to take place during off-peak hours? Now I can’t take the MRT to the safety shelter, how?

2. How come the government didn’t build a sheltered walkway from my home to the safety shelter so I won’t get wet from the horrendous downpour?

3. How come there is an ERP gantry erected at the entrance of every safety shelter?

4. How come there is an upgrade to the safety shelters only in the PAP constituencies?

5. How come only the angmohs have stewardess serving them in the safety shelters?

6. How come I still have to ballot for a place in the more popular safety shelters?

7. How come the safety shelters no aircon one?

8. How come there must be a fixed quota of place in the safety shelters based on ethnic groups?

9. How come the amount of relief I should receive depends on the size of my safety shelter?

10. How come the mee siam served in the safety shelters all got hums one?

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