Friday, November 9, 2007

CowShlt Inc Won Over Title of Slowest Taxi in the World!

Breaking News!
Barely few weeks after Mr Lau Ah Pek had been conferred the much sought after title of owning the World's Slowest Taxi, CowShlt Inc has successfully wrestled away this honour with its own fleet of taxis - the 老牛拉车 fleet.

"CowShlt Inc is really efficient," lamented Mr Lau Ah Pek. "I was still thinking that i could have at least held on to the title for a while longer. It wasn't an easy feat for me to achieve you know? For my entire life, that was the only time when i was Number 1. But now, after just weeks......" Mr Lau Ah Pek chokes in tears and is too distraught to carry on speaking.

The World's Slowest Taxi Award was founded by 3 young men from the Great Britain. This award aims to recognise and reward deserving taxi drivers from all over the world who put safety and service above speed.

"The taxi industry has evolved greatly over the past few decades," explains Mr Chow Angmoh, co-founder of the World's Slowest Taxi Award. "Taxis nowadays are mostly equipped with wings and powerjets that allow them to zigzag through even the most congested road. I mean, what happened to the old belief of 'take a step back and enjoy the scenery'? We have always enjoyed being taken for a ride, even for a few more dollars! Thus we want to revolutionise the taxi industry completely. This award will bring the taxis back to the good old days, the days when Great Britain still colonise the world. We still do, don't we?"

When pressed for the rewards that accompanied being awarded as the World's Slowest Taxi, Mr Chow replied, "Free publicity. We will upload their services to YouTube and let the entire world knows!"

General Manager of the 老牛拉车 fleet, Mr Lau Gu (not related to Mr Lau Ah Pek), said this in his press statement. "We are truly honoured to add yet another trophy to CowShlt Inc. Being Singaporeans, we have long been drilled to target for Number 1 in everything we do. We are just happy to do Singapore and CowShlt Inc proud."

In another related nes, due to the ever rising cost of crude oil, CowShlt Inc will be launching a fuel-saver fleet of new taxis.


cHaRmaiNe said...

Disel oso not cheap lor. anymore Flintstones' fleet for rental?

Is that considered an honour for Mr Lau Ah Pek?
Fast moving cars not safe
I still prefer Mr Lau Ah Pek's - it safe and ensure I reach my destination. Though late but better than never

Chow Ang Moh can balik kampung

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