Thursday, November 1, 2007

Open Invitation to Casper's Birthday Bash!

Casper, executive consultant to CowShlt Inc Netherworld Department, is celebrating her birthday TODAY, 1 Nov 2007! Yes, today! And it is of no coincidence that she was born just 1 day after Halloween. As a display of gratitude towards her constant contributions, CowShlt Inc sincerely invites all Cowlings to celebrate Casper's birthday with the largest party of all time!

Event Information

Date: 1 Nov 2007
Time: 11.59pm
Venue: 死人头坟场
Dress Code: Same as Casper (transparent lah!)

Come celebrate Casper's birthday on the lush, 6-stars 死人头坟场. Indulge yourself in our glorious food galore, proudly sponsored by Halloween Leftover Catering Services. The menu includes delicacies like Pumpkin Salad, Tempura Pumpkin, Skewed Pumpkins, Sweet and Sour Pumpkin, Pumpkin Fried Rice, Pumpkin Soup, and Pumpkin Ice Cream.

And of course, which party can do without games and contest? Lots of prizes await you!

Games and Contest Information

Longest Hair Contest against Pontianak

Pit your hair length against Pontianak. Stand to win a pair of scissors if your hair length exceeds hers.

High Jumping Contest against 僵尸先生

Test your bouncing skill against those of 僵尸先生. His last record was 5m, can you break it finally? Winner walks, i mean hops, away with a pair of boing boing shoes.

Drinking Contest against Count Dracula

Who can finish the most Bloody Marys within one minute? Count Dracula can down 8 in one glurp. Can you swallow that? Stand to win a lifetime supply of drinking straws.

Crawling Out of TV Contest against Sadako

A sheer test of strength and determination! Person who can crawl out from a TV faster than Sadako wins a free ringtone download.

So, Cowlings, hurry and prepare yourselves! Accomodation will be provided tonight! Choose to sleep in our super deluxe single coffin, deluxe twin-sharing coffin, or ultimate quad-sharing coffin. Out resident caretaker, Freddy Krueger, will ensure you get the sweetest dream of your life........


huihui said...

Y u give such short notice? Event is 12.49pm and u posted the notice on 12.41am. I don check your site daily. Next time state your event 1 wk in advance, then i can join.

Rmbr post up pics of the events.


cHaRmaiNe said...

alamak missed out the party?
how's the turnout?

aiyo CEO big small eyes leh. only got big bash for Casper but not the rest of the BCCCE + Y
~tsk tsk~

CowShlT Inc said...

Disappointed. Spent so much effort organizing this event, yet not a single soul turned up. Or did they? Hmm......

bEll said...

sorry i missed the party! would have loved to be there :)