Friday, November 23, 2007

CowShlt Inc and Bullshlt Ltd Bring Dispute Over Horsburgh Lightpost to Court

Unable to settle for the sovereignty over Horsburgh Lightpost which resides between the two companies, CowShlt Inc and Bullshlt Ltd brought the case for mediation to the country's highest court - the tennis court situated at the rooftop of UOB Building.

Both companies have agreed to abide to the final ruling and outcome from this court, to be judged by Chief Justice Liak Boh Kiew.

"The Horsburgh Lightpost was nobody's property when we first pasted our company's advertisement pamplet on it," claimed Mr Gu Sai, CEO of CowShlt Inc, as he served a powerful shot over to Mr Fei Hua, General Manager of Bullshlt Ltd.

"You don't talk cock lah!" exclaimed Mr Fei as he swings his racquette. "My lao peh told me long ago that Horsburgh Lightpost is actually ours. Just that we see you happily maintaining the lightpost, we keep quiet and let you carry on loh! Free one anyway mah!" The ball had landed back into Mr Gu's court again.

"Our security uncle has been patroling Horsburgh Lightpost every night for as long as i can remember. But now you suddenly draw a new floor plan and claim Horsburgh Lightpost as your property. How can suka-suka take away people's thing one?" rebuffed Mr Gu as he delivered a 180km/h forehand smash.

"You still dare to talk about your security uncle! Everytime he walks over to Horsburgh Lightpost, he will stand at the side and then whisper 'excuse, excuse' and then take a pee. Just look at the abundance of grass growing around Horsburgh Lightpost!" Mr Fei grunted as he flicked the ball over the net with a backhand.

"Can somebody at least score a point?" lamented CJ Liak.

The court hearing was brought to an abrupt halt when the ball suddenly crashed into CJ Liak's two front teeth while he was yawning, effectively delivering a total knockout on Mr CJ Liak. Both Mr Gu and Mr Fei have disclaimed their involvement in that smash.

The court is adjourned to a further date.

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