Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cow Peh Reviews Movies for Halloween

Halloween is here again, Cowlings. While some Cows will be busily partying away with their ghostly party animals, some losers, I mean, lonesome Cows, will actually prefer to stay at home.

Not forgetting these lonesome Cows, Cow Peh thereby digs into his library of pirated DVDs, and recommends some of the best horror movies to view during Halloween.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

What can be more horrifying than the Devil himself? The Devil who armours himself with Prada. When the Devil who wears Prada strike, there no chance you can survive. No one has ever successfully struggle himself away from him. In the Devil’s very own words, “Eh eh eh….. You don’t anyhow struggle here struggle there hor. Look carefully here….. Prada OK? Later you accidentally torn my shirt huh, you cannot pay OK?!!”

Horror Ratings: 4 Pumpkins

2. 兄弟

Heavenly Tiger, which has attained sainthood, successfully resurrected 3 fellow tigers from the dead, and thus becoming 兄弟 instead of 好兄弟. There was another tiger, Betrayal Tiger, which chose a much different path and has since left the pack. Rumour has it that he actually stripped his tiger skin and is bent on haunting these 4 tigers, using his multiple award trophies as weapons.

Horror Ratings: 2 Pumpkins

3. 881

An avid gambler went to pray for 4D numbers during the Hungry Ghost Month. 3 digits, 881, rolled out in sequence. Tried as he might, the 4th digit simply refuse to separate from the mass of 10 paper balls. The avid gambler invested heavily on all combinations starting with 881, only to lose everything. He later found out that the hungry ghosts actually wanted papaya instead.

Horror Ratings: 2 Pumpkins

4. Lust, Caution

A couple engaged in some serious foreplay. Just before reaching the climax, they realised they had observed by their kids for a whole 7 minutes. All the passion potion backflowed into the generator, causing a massive explosion. This horror movie aims to warn all parents that when you are overcome with Lust, at least take Caution to lock your door.

Horror Ratings: 3 Pumpkins

5. Your Wedding Day Footage

Your day started earlier than the rooster. You got jostled from places to places. You perform funny acts and drink silly concoction just to get through the door. You empty your 10 years of savings to throw a banquet, only to realise that you don't know 75% of those who turned up. Your stupidity is taped down so that you can re-live your mistake over and over again.

Horror Ratings: 5 Pumpkins

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huihui said...

Haha.. i like ur movie review.. very funni! U can consider be movie script writer!