Monday, January 21, 2008

CowShlt Inc Education Department to Offer New Course in Separating Tone from Substance

Internal Memo

To: The Department for Further Education

The recent reply from Minister-of-State for Education RAdm Lui Tuck Yew on the importance to separate the 'tone' from the 'substance' of the message saw the sales of our competitor’s dictionaries soaring. To maintain our market leadership in the private education sector, CowShlt Inc will launch a professional diploma aimed at teaching professionals how to separate tone from content.

The course content shall highlight the following subjects:

1. Differentiating Tone from Substance – The DNA Approach
This course shall focus on looking at Tone and Substance from a scientific approach. We shall dissect Tone and Substance to their chromosomal levels and study the distinctive gene in their DNA that separates the two.

2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Gaining the Psychological Advantage
This course shall focus on hiding your good or bad cards with the same ugly face. We shall deal every student with a hand of poker. Student will learn how to maintain an ugly face, no matter how good or bad the hand is. This is the key to gaining a psychological advantage over your opponent.

3. Practical Lesson – How to Announce Price Increment with a Smiling Face
Students must display their ability to announce increment in transport fare, GST, price for essential items and inflation rate with a smiling face. At no time must their tone be in-line with the substance they are announcing.

Kindly start the course planning immediately. I expect the first enrollment of students to commence by next week. Thank you!

Best regards,

Gu Sai
CEO, CowShlt Inc

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