Sunday, January 6, 2008

CowShlt Inc Newsletter Interviews Singapore Idols I & II

Since Mr Gu Sai, CEO of CowShlt Inc, has run out of announcement to make, Cow Peh has no choice but to go light-hearted on this issue. Fortunately, by pulling some strings, Cow Peh managed to gain an exclusive interview with the first-ever Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah and the newly crowned Asian Idol Hady Mirza.


Cow Peh - CP
Taufik Batisah - TB
Hady Mirza - HM

CP: First of all, congratulations to Hady for being crowned the first-ever Asian Idol.

HM: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now, i can really say that i am indeed the best in Singapore, JB and even Batam!

TB: Eh! You forgot to thank your lao-peh, lao-bu, ah-gong and ah-mah again lah.......

(Both broke into cold laughters as a black crow flew past)

CP: What do both of you think constituted to Hady's win?

HM: Simple lah.... Because i'm simply the best in Singapore, JB and Batam mah!

TB: I think Hady won the Asian Idol simply because he sang MY song during the competition. Ever heard of blind-voting? That's exactly what took place here. The voters are blind and they all thought they were voting for ME!

(Hady gave a cold stare at Taufik)

CP: There has been speculations that you actually won because of the dual voting scheme. Voters thought that you are the worst singer and thus safest to cast the 2nd vote. What's your view on this, Hady?

TB: (interrupts Hady) So THAT'S why you purposely sang off key and made my song so horrible!!! You @#$%^&*!!!!!

(Taufik and Hady got into a scuffle)

CP: Boys! Boys!!! Both of you are IDOLS! You are supposed to be role models to the many young readers of CowShlt Inc newsletter!

(Taufik and Hady broke up the fight, but both were still seething)

CP: Taufik, it is understood that you are still sore about the abrupt end of World Idol competition straight after your win at Singapore Idol.

HM: Yah loh, yah loh!! The organizers heard him sang and quickly called off the competition to protect their hearings mah!

(Taufik pulled the chair off under Hady's seat and Hady thumped to the ground. Both broke into a catfight again)

CP: Boys! Cool it! Boys!!

(Cow Peh got in between the scuffle and separated the two by force)

CP: Cool down, boys. Let me finish this interview first. I'm meeting a deadline ok? Otherwise the Cowlings at CowShlt Inc are going to kao peh kao bu at me again.....

(All three regained their seats)

CP: OK..... I will need one more question to fill up the void in our newsletter. Not so much advertisement being featured nowadays, i wonder why also. Maybe AC Nielson found out that actually nobody reads CowShlt Inc newsletterat all. But alas, i digressed. My final question to both of you is, what does 2008 holds for you? Let's start with Taufik first.

TB: I am all ready to break into the Chinese-speaking market. I bet you all had heard me singing "每时每刻有音乐,933醉心频道" on 933FM right? That's the direction i'm heading at this year! In fact, i'm already working with my buddy 神香聋 on our new duet tentatively titled 烂兄烂弟 in celebration of our brotherly love!

CP: Well, it's actually 沈祥龙 and 难兄难弟. Please send my regards to Sylvester, and tell him Maia is going great as my Star Blogger intern. Now, what about Hady? What does 2008 holds for you?

HM: I just hope that if Singapore Idol gets revived again this year, the winner is not another Malay. The market is too small for another competitor. The Chinese guy, the what Daren Tan from Project Superstar 2, is already crossing over to perform in Beauty World the musical! So what can i do? No choice loh! Just have to pick up Tamil and hope to get a role in the upcoming Mustafa Centre the musical loh............

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