Thursday, January 31, 2008

Falling Gantry Hits Taxi

A height limit gantry, after being hit by a crane-attached lorry, fell and hit a taxi instead today along Sunset Way.

Both the taxi driver and his passenger were unhurt in the event.

“Can you find anyone more suay than me?” laments Mr Tio Tau Pio, the taxi driver. “Within one day, I was hit twice. When the rates at some ERP gantry went up, I was hit. Then this height limit gantry fell down, I also kenna hit! Think I better go pray pray to Tua Pek Kong tonight……”

This reporter was notified that the passenger in this taxi was the driver whose car were smashed by the falling branch along Bedok South Road on 15 Jan 2008.

The passenger, who refuse to give her name, said, “If the taxi uncle wants to compare suayness, then nobody beats me lah! Everywhere I drive to, there seems to be falling things. Now even when I kuai kuai take taxi, also kenna falling hazards. I prayed for money to fall from the sky, but I think Ti Kong misunderstood me and give me all this falling disasters instead!”

The lorry driver, a young man in his early twenties, is assisting the police with the investigation.

“I did retract the crane last night one,” he proclaimed. “But you know lah, cars are like men. With a crane so long and thick, it’s natural to rise up and extend itself early in the morning one mah! You should know lah, with all the fluid storing readily in the crane throughout the cold night, they will expand the moment the first sunlight shines on it. It’s a natural urge!”

This accident has lead to a swift decision by LTA. Its spokesperson, Ms Yee Arh Pee, held a press-release immediately stating “now that one height limit gantry has fallen down, LTA has no choice but to further raise the toll charges of other ERP gantries to recoup the replacement fee.”

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