Thursday, January 24, 2008

RSAF Jets Scrambled to Intercept Private Plane

The RSAF did a quick job to intercept a private plane heading to Singapore without permission. Two of her missile-armed F16D jets took off around 6:45 pm and brought the single-engine turboprop Cessna 208 to land at the Changi Airport.

Just what did the two RSAF pilots said to the two Australian pilots to convince them to touch down so effectively? CowShlt Inc speculates…………………..

1. Congratulations! You are the 10,000th visitor to Singapore in 2008! Please proceed to Changi Airport now to claim your prize.

2. Do you know that flying is extremely dangerous? And if you can just give us 5 minutes, i will like to hop over and introduce you this insurance policy which will give you best coverage.

3. You land at Changi Airport now, i take to you Changi Village for nasi lemak. I branja!

4. Go to Changi Airport for refueling now! Got 20% discount, you know? Some more can earn loyalty points!

5. There’s an ERP gantry in front! Got bring Cashcard or not?

6. We had arranged a few Sarong Party Girls waiting for you at Changi Airport now leh………..

7. You here also to perform for the Air Show huh? If not why your tail side got so much smoke huh?

8. Orchard Road now got Chinese New Year sales leh, you know?

9. Stay in Singapore for free access to the casino, I mean, Integrated Resort lah!

10. If you still don’t touch down now, I will throw two baskets of durians at you!

11. You have won a 3-days-2-nights stay at your favourite hotel! However, you have to first attend a one-hour presentation at Changi Airport………

12. We are dying to leave Singapore. Can we get a hitchhike from you guys, please?


cHaRmaiNe said...

20% discount for refuelling only? not attractive enuff lah. make it 50% to 70%

Anonymous said...

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