Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cow Story, and Other Animals Too.

In a small little farm, there lived an old couple without kid. Even though they were poor, they were happy.

The old couple only had 3 assets - a Cow, a pig and a hen. Unknown to them, there was actually another occupant in their humble little hut, a rat.

One fine morning, the rat was finally discovered by the old man. To capture the rat, the old man made a mousetrap himself and placed it on the kitchen floor, where the rat was most likely to appear.

Their actions were observed by the rat. Fearing for its own life, the rat went around begging for assistance to remove the mousetrap.

First, the rat went straight to the Cow. "Mr Cow, you are the biggest and strongest among us all. Please! Help me remove that mousetrap!" The Cow replied nonchalantly, "Little rat, that is YOUR trap and has nothing to do with me. Now, will you please go away while i continue manufacturing CowShlt Inc raw materials?"

Feeling disappointed, the rat scurried over to the pig. "Please, Mr pig. Your master laid a mousetrap in the kitchen. Please help me remove it!" The pig completely ignored the rat and continued its long afternoon nap.

Without any choice, the rat approached the hen with its crest fallen. "Ms Hen. I wonder if you will be kind enough to help me remove the mousetrap." The hen gave a chuckle and sneered, "My precious body is for laying the golden eggs. Not to remove mousetrap for you dirty little creature!!"

Unable to secure any help, the rat resigned its fate and hid into a corner.

Darkness fell. The old couple retreated to their bed. But just minutes after resting their eyes, they heard the mousetrap snapped. Believing that they caught the rat, the old woman proceeded to the kitchen to clear the mess.

Unaware to the old woman, the mousetrap actually caught the tail of a snake. When the old woman went into the kitchen in darkness, the wounded snake sprang its fangs and bit into the old woman's calf.

The old woman's wound got infected. She came down with a high fever the very next day. Without money to summon any doctor, the old man did what he thought was best. He slaughtered the hen to make Chicken Soup for the Wounded Soul.

However, things didn't seem to get any better. So the old man proceeded with Step 2 the next day. The pig had no choice but to donate its liver, spleen, bones, meat and whatever other bodily parts that it had.

Unfortunately, the old woman's condition took a dive and died that night. Neighbours were summoned to gather at the old man's place to assist with the funeral. Having so many people helping out, the old man must at least serve them some food. And there goes, my poor distant cousin, the Cow.

The rat, witnessing all that happened, could only shake its head and pondered aloud, "If any one of you would had just helped me removed that mousetrap, the four of us would still be happily playing mahjong together now....."

Disclaimer: All personnel and events mentioned above are strictly fictional. Any similarity to any person, whether dead or alive, are purely coincidential. No animals were harmed during the formation of this story.

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