Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CowShlt Inc Sees New Business Opportunity!

With the recent declaration that
Malaysian ambulances are actually health hazards, CowShlt Inc sees a business deal in the making.

Below is the secretly taped conversation between the CEO, Mr Gu Sai and COO, Ms Gu Ni, of CowShlt Inc.

CEO: Do you know that Malaysian ambulances are now considered as health hazards?
COO: Yeah... Looks like a good opportunity for us to venture into the Malaysia market.

CEO: Do we have any ambulance model in mind to sell to them?
COO: Yes. German engine, 4-wheels drive. Environmental friendly with minimum greenhouse gas output. Highest fuel saving ratings in the market.

CEO: You have a picture of the car?
COO: Here.

CEO: Looks good. I'm sure it can withstand some bumpy rides, right?
COO: Of course.

CEO: Apart from the vehicle, we must also provide the manpower assistance.
COO: Don't worry, sir. I have them all ready....

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