Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mysterious Cow Secret Escapade 17 Sept 2007!!

News Flash!!

Many city dwellers has reported sightings of a strange looking Cow roaming downtown today afternoon. Channel News CowShlt reporting team rushed to the scene real time and brings back first-hand, exclusive report!

The following is the voice recording of Ms Spy The Cow, Channel News CowShlt top paparazzi.

12pm, Organic Restaurant at Stanley Street.

Mysterious Cow is walking into an organic restaurant with a beautiful Cow. Beautiful Cow is so pretty that all the cashew nuts in that restaurant straighten up upon her arrival. I tried to take a picture of Beautiful Cow but her brightness actually exposed the entire roll of film. This is how enchanting Beautiful Cow is.

Mysterious Cow, on the other hand, is in a blood-shot red. Breathing deeply, he seems to be sufferring from extreme hot flushes. Mysterious Cow looks like an exact replication of Red Bull! On closer observation, Mysterious Cow is actually covered with blood!!!

Beautiful Cow: Aiyo dear, faster take this hankerchief and wipe away your nose blood! Your nose has not stop bleeding since the moment you saw me....

Mysterious Cow and Beautiful Cow ordered a huge variety of grass. The waitress is asking if the two of them can finish all food.

Mysterious Cow: Don't worry. I really need more organic grass in order to churn out more organic craps.

It is obvious that Mysterious Cow is really enjoying the company of Beautiful Cow. For that hour, he is surely the envy of all Cows.

1.45pm, Carpark at Amoy Street.

Mysterious Cow takes out his handphone and starts dialing.

Mysterious Cow: Eh dear, free for coffee now or not? What? Need to go find hot chicks for your Cow Boss? Seek help from your sister Ding Dong Cow lah! Her profession now is chasing after birds what! Heard her latest victims were Big Cock and Ku Ku Jiao. I'm sure she has no problem finding some chicks and set them on fire! Hot enough or not??

It is still unknown whom was on the line, but Mysterious Cow is driving off now! Taxi!!!

2.15pm, Cafe at Shaw House.

Mysterious Cow is now walking towards another Cow. This Cow is definitely a milk Cow, given the outlook of her assets!

Milky Cow: It's such an honour to meet you today!
Mysterious Cow: Beautiful Cow is so pretty.......

Milky Cow: Erm... Shall i get you a cup of coffee?
Mysterious Cow: Beautiful Cow is so pretty.......

Milky Cow: Hello? Are you actually meeting me now or Beautiful Cow?
Mysterious Cow: Beautiful Cow is so pretty.......

Milky Cow: Wei....................
Mysterious Cow: Beautiful Cow is so pretty.......

What the h.... Oh my gosh!! Milky Cow just released tonnes of fresh milk and flooded the entire cafe!! Mysterious Cow is no where to be seen! I will bring back any news once i gather any update! I truly hope Mysterious Cow can survive this milky tragedy!

This is Spy The Cow,
Live from Singapore,
Channel News CowShlt


Anonymous said...

This is why your dear don't want to meet you ma.. Pressure from Beautiful Cow... ~Techno Cow

cHaRmaiNe said...

apparently the Mysterious Cow was lost travelling in town.
But still make its way back to his farm.

CowShlT Inc said...

Getting lost in town with Beautiful Cow at the passenger seat can be the great pleasure in life!

Hui said...

I tog being wif Milky cow is beta then Beautiful Cow? One is inner beauty (Body), the other external beauty (face look).. So shd choose Milky cow in ur passenger seat then more fun ar.

Anonymous said...

Who's to say whether Beautiful Cow only has external beauty? Her inner beauty shines out to further enhance her external beauty ma.. :p She might have the brains and humor to complement her beauty ma...Wahahaha Altho I honestly reckon Mysterious Cow might just need to prescribe for a good pair of glasses to see things clearly. :D