Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CowShlT Inc introduces new chain of restaurants with new Slow-Food Concept. Presenting..! COW'S JUNIOR!

CowShlt Inc celebrates this very day, as the Grand Opening of 69 "Cow's Junior" outlets around the island.

This brilliant idea of a slow-food concept has been converted from thoughts to actions, in merely 72 hours.

CowShlt Inc would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sau Chew, washroom cleaner at CowShlt Inc Towers, for having difficulties looking for things to do during the balance 45 minutes of his 1 hour lunch break. He had fast food for lunch that day, and it was fully devoured in only 15 minutes.


The new concept of slow food was born. By saying slow food, of course, we don't mean this.


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We mean this. Cow's Jnr Meal.

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What do you mean it's the same as the others?! NO IT ISN'T.

Well, at least the packaging isn't.

What's so special:
Cow's Junior has an inhouse regulation. Patrons have to use a minimum of 45 mins to consume their food in order for their stomach to digest the food properly. Our tummies work the same as cows don't they? We have 4 too.

Of course, to make this opening a success, we did what we had to do.


In a time frame of 28 hours and 46 minutes, we have successfully converted one of our competitor's logo to this. This can now be viewed at their outlets islandwide.

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And how can we leave out the imfamous "Advertise-KFC-in-MacDonald"s stunt. That was just what we did. We left our official animal right outside another competitor's outlet.

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And, not forgetting to introduce you to Cow's Jnr's Official Mascot, who graced today's opening event.

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So what are you still waiting for?

Rush down to your nearest 'Cow's Junior' Slow Food Restaurant, purchase a meal & get a Cow Toy FREE**! It MOOoos!
(AA Batteries not included)

** Toys will only be presented after inspection and certification that you took a minimum of 45 minutes to finish your Cow's Jnr meal.

From all of us at Cow's Junior, we look forward to your patronization.


cHaRmaiNe said...

i wan to lay my hands on the first Cows Jnr Burger and Cow Toy!!!!!

any delivery service huh?

CowShlT Inc said...

WA! Hand Leg sibeh fast. Within 10 mins of post siaa.. I still haven't finished clearing my desktop of the image clutters... Gu Ni.

CowShlT Inc said...

Delivery Service will be offered by our Super Cow Truck, which also, doubles up as an ambulance if required. Kindly refer to previous postings for speed, performance, crew & rpm.

Our Precious said...

Great! Me place order now... delivery: next yr CNY? :p

CowShlT Inc said...

Dear Our Precious, thank you for your interest in our food. Your order will reach you on Christmas. How many McSlug meals will you be ordering?

Hui said...

I also wan order!!! Me only wan Cow Jr Meal & the toy. DON wan McSlug... yucks! If delivery, who gng to measure 45min to get the certification?

CresceNet said...
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CresceNet said...
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