Thursday, September 6, 2007

News in Brief

CowShlt Inc Inks Casino Deal with Stones

In response to the opening of Venetian in Macau, CowShlt Inc decided to co-develope an even bigger casino with Las Vegas Sands biggest rival, Las Vegas Stones. The new casino is slated to be built on CowShlt Inc latest acquired island, MaCow.

According to the CEO of CowShlt Inc., Mr Gu Sai, the new casino will have "everything bigger than Venetian". Mr Sai said, "In our new casino, instead of being served by those fragile Bunny Ladies, patrons can expect top-level services by our patented Cow Ladies. To ensure the no patrons get drunk, we will serve fresh milk instead of beer. Simply enquire for a glass from our Cow Ladies. Freshness and satisfaction guaranteed! If the patron requires more, a Cow Lady upsize is always available!"

According to internal sources, the new casino will be aptly named Cash Cow Casino.


Our Precious said...

any vacancy for cow-lady? Mine is guaranteed fresh - milking mom

cHaRmaiNe said...

any recruitment?

where's bell huh.

bEll said...

here here.
i also want to apply.
wats the remunerations like?

CowShlT Inc said...

Remunerations will be tagged to your cup size. I mean, it's a commission based remuneration tagged to the cups and sizes of the fresh milk you sold!