Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr Smiley Celebrates 25th Birthday

Mr Smiley, or :-) as he is better known from his online moniker, celebrates his 25th birthday today. Channel News CowShlt reporter, Ms Wei Wei Xiao, catches up on him "live" at his bithday bash with this exclusive interview.

WWX ~ Ms Wei Wei Xiao
:-) ~ Mr Smiley

WWX ~ Hello Mr Smiley, it's my utmost pleasure to meet you in person!

:-) ~ :)

WWX ~ First of all, Mr Smiley, congratulations on your 25th birthday! This birthday bash is simply the best i had ever attended!

:-) ~ :D

WWX ~ And it sure must be fun too have so many female fans surrounding you, right?

:-) ~ :p

WWX ~ Actually Mr Smiley, i can't help but notice that you share a striking resemblence to our Chief Editor, Mr Cow Peh, or Newbie as he's commonly known from his online moniker.

:-) ~ :-O

WWX ~ But i find him much more handsome as he is red in colour while you are yellow....

:-) ~ X(

WWX ~ Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! Mr Smiley you can turn red too!!

:-) ~ ;)

WWX ~ Newbie still cannot turn yellow! You have outdone him by so much!!

:-) ~ :">

WWX ~ So Mr Smiley, after 25 years in the industry, what is your greatest job satisfaction?

:-) ~ :))

WWX ~ You sure seem to be an easily satisfied person, Mr Smiley!

:-) ~ 8-|

WWX ~ Well, it's really nice meeting you today, Mr Smiley. You are such a wonderful person.

:-) ~ O:-)

WWX ~ Any parting shots to all the viewers of Channel News CowShlt?

:-) ~ :-?

:-) ~ :x

WWX ~ Thank you, Mr Smiley, thank you! I'm sure that how all your fans feel towards you too.

:-) ~ :^o

WWX ~ This is Wei Wei Xiao, Channel News CowShlt, "live" from Mr Smiley 25th birthday bash!

:-) ~ :-h

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cHaRmaiNe said...

keep smiling Mr Smiley