Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CowShlt Inc Pays Tribute to Ms Anita Roddick

The CEO of CowShlt Inc pays tribute to Ms Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, whom passed away on 10 Sept 2007.

"Ms Roddick was the pioneer campaigner for environmental protection. Because of her efforts, our fellow Cows have more land to roam, greener pasture to graze, and cleaner water to drink. There is a Chinese saying that went 'You can't force a Cow's head down if it refuses to drink'. Our fellow Cows refused to drink because of water pollution, but Ms Roddick gave us a scent of fresh air.

Ms Roddick was also a keen supporter against animal testing. Our fellow Cows had long suffered under the hands on unethical businessmen, whom will force us into a shampoo, colour our lips red and make us smell like strawberry instead. Our fellow Cows which worked under Ms Roddick were fortunate enough to maintain their black and white colour. Unlike their poor counterparts in some other MNCs, which ended up looking like Barney.

It is a great loss to Planet Earth on the dismiss of Ms Roddick. We sincerely urge The Body Shop to continue with Ms Roddick's vision of responsible manufacturing and ethical marketing."


cHaRmaiNe said...

"It is a great loss to Planet Earth on the dismiss of Ms Roddick."

Ermm, shouldn't it be demise?

CowShlT Inc said...

The CEO was already so sad to see the departure of his fellow animals-right activist, and you still want him to perform spell check? Have a heart!!! Tsk tsk tsk......

cHaRmaiNe said...

no choice cos the CEO has 101% perfect English and scores A

no auto spell check engine?

Our Precious said...

got typo? where? What? - Cockeye Cow